Combine forces with a shared online booking platform

With the rapid pace of emerging technologies and the continuous increasing dominance of the big Online Travel Agents (OTAs), it is getting difficult for small holiday properties rental companies or hotels to control profitability. A dependency which gives these online travel agents a strong bargain power. To break this dominance, we have set up! It is now the moment for small holiday properties rental companies, hotel chains, independent and boutique hotels, resorts, B&Bs, serviced apartments and hotels to act, to combine forces and collectively share a common online booking platform. The portal. Each participating company has influence how this platform will evolve.

  • Local and personalized support

    Most of the big booking sites are focusing on global reach and many of them subsequence do not offer enough local and personalized support.

  • Why

    With the broader shift of travel purchases from offline to online, the personal “touch” of helping a customer to make a booking is not there anymore. We call that a one size fits all mass produced travel experience.That is why we have set up!

  • A new way of booking experience!

    On we combine local knowledge, personalization, and modern communication solutions to give travelers a dream holiday. Optimal support during traveling, enriching traveling with great local offers and creating a new way of booking experience!